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High-Quality Siding for Austin Homes

Enjoy a Beautiful new Exterior from America's Window

Give the exterior of your Austin home an instant upgrade with siding from America's Window. We are one of the most trusted sources for home siding in the Kentuckiana area. Our available sidings are some of the highest-quality sidings on the market today. Known for strength and beauty, it's manufactured by Cedar Ridge who is one of the leading siding manufacturers in the industry. The unique hand-milled cedar finish gives off the impression of real cedar but requires little maintenance since it's a composite material. Additionally, it possesses insulating qualities that far exceed other siding products on the market. The benefit of having a contoured foam backing allows our Cedar Ridge siding to do a better job of protecting your Austin home while providing more energy efficiency.

Cedar Ridge Siding from America's Window:

  • Unique Beauty: Our siding is uniquely beautiful with an aesthetic appeal that is outstanding from all the rest. The hand-milled cedar-grain finish gives it unparalleled beauty. Plus, the seamless finish gives it a clean look of conformity and elegance.

  • Energy Efficiency: The Neopor® we use keeps moisture out and improves thermal performance. It also adds up to 19% more R-value, which is dependent on the siding profile. Additionally, it has a contoured foam backing to complete the insulation and moisture management systems.

  • Durability & Strength: The patented TXL™ Lamination technology gives our insulated siding a bond between the panel and foam that is 200% stronger than standard insulated sidings. It also has 240% more impact resistance and 45% more noise reduction than fiber cement siding.

  • Customization: Customizable options are a choice of 22 different colors and 5 different profiles, including Board & Batten.

  • Warranty: Our siding is backed by the manufacturer for the life of the home with a transferable limited lifetime warranty.

Siding Installation from America's Window

At America's Window, we understand the importance of your Austin home's curb appeal. That's why we made it a point to provide one of the top siding products available. However, the product can only make a positive impact if the installation is done correctly. That's why we employ only the most experienced installers at America's Window. This way you are ensured a flawless installation of your new siding, so you can experience all the benefits that it has to offer. Don't wait to increase the curb appeal of your home any longer with our high-quality composite siding and contact us today for your free consultation!

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