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Affordable Bath Remodels with a New Bath Liner

Get a New Bathtub without the Messy Tear Out

If you're tired of your old and unattractive bathtub but don't want to deal with a messy tear out, then turn to America's Window for your hassle-free bathroom remodel. A replacement bathtub isn't for everyone. Some people don't have the time to deal with that kind of remodel while some just don't want the financial obligation. Fortunately, we have a convenient and affordable solution for all Bardstown homeowners. A bath liner can give your bathroom a refreshing new look without the hassle of tearing out your old tub. Plus, it's made from the same durable material we use for our replacement bathtubs. This means you get a virtually new bathtub without all of the trouble.

Benefits of a New Bath Liner:

  • Beauty: A new liner can do wonders for your bathtub. You can choose from our variety of patterns to customize your tub. Additionally, we custom fit all of our liners so they fit perfectly over your existing bathtub.

  • Durability: Made using the same high-quality acrylics that we use with our replacement tubs, your new liner won't chip, stain, fade, or scratch. This means it will remain beautiful for a very long time.

  • Affordability: Liners provide an affordable alternative to fully replacing your bathtub. In addition to being more affordable, they can also be installed quickly. In fact, the installation often takes less than a day.

  • Low-Maintenance: Being made using 100% non-porous acrylic, our liners resist mold and mildew. Additionally, they are infused with Silver Shield&tm; anti-microbial protection to provide more protection from mold, mildew, and other microbes.

  • Warranty: At America's Window, all of our bathroom remodeling products are backed by a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind.

Quick Installations & Beautiful Results

The highly qualified installers at America's Window provide quick and quality installations of all our bathroom remodeling products. Our bath liners are especially quick to install, often taking less than a day. The reason for this is because your new custom liner is designed to be placed directly over your existing tub. This means no messy tear out or long remodel. All that needs to be done is placing the liner and properly sealing it to ensure there's no way any water can seep beneath the surface. We make sure that you are completely satisfied with the installation with our limited lifetime warranty. Don't wait any longer to have a new bathtub without having to break the bank. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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