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How Our Composite Siding Can Save You Energy Dollars

Insulated Foam-Backed Siding for Bardstown Homes

Boosting your Bardstown home's energy efficiency is a very popular trend lately. It helps keep your home more comfortable and your energy costs down. These are all great things that every homeowner strives for but they don't really know all the energy saving options available to them. That's why America's Window is here to help Bardstown homeowners know what's available. We offer several products and services that can contribute the energy efficiency of your home including our eShield attic insulation. However, we have one outstanding product that can improve the majority of your home's exterior beauty and energy-saving qualities. That product is our Cedar Ridge composite siding.

Our siding is a high-quality composite product designed to improve your Bardstown home with increased curb appeal, strength, and energy efficiency. It is available in multiple styles and colors so it can give your home the look you've always wanted. Engineered with patented technologies, it does a better job of protecting your home from damaging moisture and impacts from everyday threats.

Features of Cedar ridge Composite Siding:

  • Curb Appeal: Our siding provides your home with a hand-milled cedar-grain finish. Additionally, it's seamless in appearance to provide a greater look of cohesion with the connecting parts.

  • Energy Efficiency: The Neopor® insulation we use is engineered to enhance thermal performance and protect against moisture. It also increases the R-Value of the siding by up to 19%. To top it all off, it is also equipped with a contoured foam-backing for additional insulating value. This also helps to block outside noise by up to 45%.

  • Strength: Our siding uses TXL™ Lamination technology to create a bond between the panels and foam that is 200% stronger than typical siding bonds. It is also resistant to impacts (240% more than fiber cement) and can resist winds up to 200mph.

  • Variety: You can customize the look of your home by choosing from our five different siding profiles and 22 amazing colors.

Keep Your Home Energy Efficient with New Siding

The siding from America's Window can do wonders for your Bardstown home's energy efficiency. Its insulating qualities are capable of increasing your R-Value by up to 19% depending on the profile you choose. This dramatically cuts down on your energy costs while improving your home's beauty. However, all of these great features are meaningless if you don't get a proper installation. Fortunately, we're expert siding installers at America's Window. We make sure to perform a flawless installation every time so you can have all the great benefits our composite siding offers. Start saving more with our amazing insulated siding. Just contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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