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Bathroom Remodeling FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom might seem like a big messy project, but that’s not the case with America’s Window! Read our list of frequently asked questions about our bathroom remodeling process so you know what to expect.

What is a bathtub liner?

A bath liner is a layer of high-quality acrylic that is installed over your existing shower or bath space. Bath or shower liners are a great solution if you want to give your bathroom a quick update but don’t want to deal with a messy tear-out. As with all our products, our shower and tub liners are made of non-porous materials that is made to resist mold and mildew.

Are your bathroom products easy to clean?

All our products are very easy to clean because they are made from materials that naturally resist mold and mildew. The materials are also non-porous and grout-free, so you just need to wipe down the high-quality acrylic to maintain its beautiful shine.

What are your solutions for individuals with limited mobility?

We have many options for individuals with mobility issues. One of our most popular handicap accessible options is a walk-in tub. Our walk-in tubs have a low barrier, which enables you to enter your bathing space safely. We also offer tub-to-shower conversions, where we remove your existing tub and insert a beautiful shower in its place. If you or a loved one are wheelchair bound, a barrier free shower is the best option for you. With this solution, you can enter the bathing space with ease because there’s not a barrier to entering the shower.

How long do your bathroom remodeling projects take?

You’d be shocked at how much your bathroom can transform in just a matter of days. Our products are made to make your bathroom work for you, and we can deliver that to you quickly. In fact, our products can be installed quicker than most traditional bathroom remodels. We recommend that you call to schedule a free consultation so we can better assess your current bathroom and give you a more accurate completion date.

What is your warranty?

Our bathroom remodeling products are backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty, which means your product is under warranty through the life of your home. Our products are guaranteed not to fade, yellow, crack, bubble or peel. You can rest assured knowing you’ve chosen a top-notch product when you choose a bathroom remodeling project from America’s Window.

Bathroom Remodeling Options

Our wide array of bathroom remodeling options and services include:

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