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Walk-In Tubs, A Better and Safer Way to Bathe

Bathing has become an essential part of everyone’s daily routine, but unfortunately it is not something that is fully accessible on a daily basis for a lot of people. Aches and pains become more frequent as we age, and mobility becomes more limited with the higher frequency of these aches and pains. No longer risk injuring yourself, or subjecting yourself to the discomforts of bathing in a tub that is difficult to enter and exit. Don’t let discomfort take away from what should be a rejuvenating experience that instills serenity and comfort for your mind and body. At America’s Window USA, we provide the solution to these accessibility and comfort issues regarding bathing. Our walk-in tubsare designed to help you enjoy your daily bathing without fear of injury ever again.

The largest accessibility issue concerning standard tubs, is the ever-present danger of injuring yourself when stepping into your high-sided tub. We have eliminated this risk with our walk-in tub’s low step-in, which makes getting into our walk-in tub that much safer and easier. Additionally, our walk-in tubs are great for relieving health issues such as arthritis and diabetes by increasing circulation and blood flow. By choosing to regain your bathing independence with a walk-in tub, you can receive a true spa-like experience relieving your aches and pains with its hydrotherapy jets. Plus, the chair-height seat gives you ultimate bathing comfort and relaxation so you can experience uninterrupted serenity during your bath.

Don’t let age rob you of your bathing independence any longer; America’s Window USA is here to set you up with your very own fantastic walk-in tub to keep you bathing safely and independently. The comfort and rejuvenating qualities of our walk-in tubs will have you believing that you have a personal spa equipped in your bathroom. With nothing short of amazing quality installations and exceptionally friendly sales representatives, we can have you on your way back to bathing excellence within a very short amount of time. We want you to have peace of mind when you bathe, and you can by contacting us today at America’s Window USA!

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