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Choosing the Right Siding for Your Home

When homeowners decided that they don’t want to have to paint their home year after year, the process has really just begun. If you know you want to put siding on your home, there are still a lot of decisions that remain. You want siding on your home? Great, what type of siding do you want? There are a number of different kinds of siding available: aluminum, vinyl, fiber cement, wood, etc. Let’s look at the types of siding to determine which is best for your home, then we can go from there.

Types of Siding Available

  • Aluminum Siding: Although not as prevalent as it once was, aluminum siding is still available. While it provides good longevity, it still has issues with denting, fading and can be noisy.
  • Vinyl Siding: Vinyl siding provides the maintenance freedom and durability homeowners are looking for. However, when looking at vinyl siding, look at the style of insulation used. (See more on that below).
  • Fiber Cement: Fiber cement is certainly durable and fire resistant, however it will eventually require repainting and it can be costly.
  • Wood Siding: While wood siding will improve the look of your home now, it really doesn’t solve the problem of continual painting.

What’s Under the Siding is Important

Once you’ve decided what siding is best for your home, you need to consider the insulation used as well. After all, the insulation will determine the energy efficiency that your new siding offers. Let’s look at vinyl siding, which probably offers the most full-range of benefits for homeowners wanting to eliminate the hassles of painting.

Some vinyl siding companies offer flat insulation under the siding. While this insulation does help provide energy efficiency, it doesn’t really do your vinyl siding any favors. When vinyl siding is applied over flat insulation, it results in the siding being flimsy and prone to gapes and seams. If you are wanting vinyl siding that solves the need to paint, but that looks and feels the most like wood, then you need vinyl siding that has the insulation fused to it. It creates a very durable, maintenance-free, energy efficient product that hangs straighter on the home, hides gaps and seams and is much more durable and impact resistant…all the things most homeowners are looking for in their siding.

Let Us Answer Your Siding Questions

At America’s Window, our staff is eager to assist you in getting the best vinyl siding for your home. Don’t continue to suffer through painting your home again and again, and don’t make a rash, uninformed decision. Contact us today and never worry about painting your home again!

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