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Bathroom Remodeling Solutions Perfect for any Home

Did you know that the average person spends an average of 70 minutes a day in the bathroom? If your tub or shower is leaky, stained and outdated, just think of how much time during the day you have to look at it. Bathroom Remodeling is a perfect way to bring back the joy of bathing or showering each day. With just once call, the professionals at America’s Window can install a beautiful new bath or shower solution.

Remember, bathroom remodeling is only a good investment if it works for you. With this in mind, our high-quality products are a perfect fit in any home. Our shower and tub solutions come in a wide selection of beautiful colors and modern patterns to complement any bathroom. If you’re looking to only update the appearance of your tub or shower, we have a solution for that too. Our bath liners are custom-fitted to your existing tub or shower.

America’s Window also has a great selection of accessibility products to make your bathing experience more enjoyable and safer. Does your bathtub go unused and just collect dust? We recommend a tub-to-shower conversion. You can also choose options like a barrier-free shower. A barrier-free shower has no threshold which makes access in and out of the shower easy for wheelchairs. Our walk-in tubs will make you feel like you’re at a spa getaway. Features like a low threshold door, safety grab bars, non-slip surfaces and hydrotherapy will add a sense of luxury to your bath with the comfort of added safety.

With bathroom remodeling, you want a product that will last for years to come. All of our products are made from a durable acrylics that will never fade, chip, stain, peel or crack. Our bath and shower solutions are also easy to clean. All of our acrylic products are non-porous which means they resist mold and mildew so you spend a lot less time cleaning your tub or shower. Let the professionals at America’s Window help you find the perfect bath or shower remodel solution today. That way, you can enjoy seeing your tub or shower those 70 minutes every day.

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