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Signs your Home Needs New Siding

Replacing your home's siding isn't something that homeowners want to give much attention to. Want to or not, if your siding is in bad shape you will need to either fix it or replace it before it causes major damage to your home. There are certain signs that your home needs new siding that you should be watching out for. So what are the signs that your hone needs new siding? Two easy ways to know if you need new siding is to first, look at your heating and cooling bills. A good way to know that your bills are too high is to talk to your neighbors with similar square footage. If your bills are a lot higher you probably have siding that is leaky and not holding in your home's heated or air-conditioned air. The second easy way to find out if your siding needs to be replaced, is whether or not it needs to be painted frequently. Good siding will keep its color for at least ten to twenty years.

The next telltale signs that your siding needs to be replaced, is if it doesn't pass the curb appeal test. Does your siding have rotting or warping boards? If the layer under your home's siding looks like its rotting, it probably is. In addition to rotting and warping boards, if you have cracked boards that are loose, this is only going to get worse. Bubbles and holes in the siding are another bad sign to watch out for. If there are only a few boards like this you could probably have them replaced. If there are many pieces that are loose or cracked, it's best to remove all of the old siding and replace it with a high-quality product.

Home improvement experts say another telltale sign that your siding needs to be replaced, is if you can visibly see mold, mildew, and fungus on your siding especially near the seam. If the mold is near the seams this could indicate that you have water being held inside the wall. This is something you definitely need to call in the professionals for. Mold is dangerous and can make you and your family extremely ill. The bottom line is that if your siding has any of these problems, you need to choose a respected company with a quality siding product. Here at America's Window, we are that company. We are a leading installer of Cedar Ridge vinyl composite siding serving all of Southern Indiana and Louisville. If you want the very best in energy efficient, vinyl siding, give us call here at America's Window.

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