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Update the Look of Your Home Exterior with New Siding

If you’ve noticed a sharp decline in the curb appeal of your home or it has a dated appearance, then the time has come to replace your siding. At America’s Window, we offer premier vinyl siding from Cedar Ridge Siding. Your home can have the look of real cedar, but without all of the hassle and maintenance that true cedar requires. The vinyl siding we carry is known for its extreme durability as it has strength equal to a 1/8” piece of aluminum. Perhaps of even greater benefit is that it possesses the energy efficient quality of being insulated so it can lower your monthly utilities as well. The insulation and thick panels also help to keep outside noise from infiltrating your home so you can enjoy the peace and tranquility you deserve.

The benefits of choosing America’s Windows for your siding replacement are numerous, but perhaps the greatest benefit is to finally have the great curb appeal that a natural cedar look can provide to your home. Additionally, we offer a variety of colors that you can choose from to complement your home and make it unique to your particular style and tastes. We also offer molding and corner post options to make your home even more stylishly unique. To gift your home with energy saving and durable siding that has the look of natural cedar can pay off by increasing your home’s value, thereby getting you more home equity.

Now that we’ve covered how siding can benefit your home, we have to touch upon the great importance of making sure your installation is done properly. If you don’t have a proper siding installation, you’re new siding won’t make a difference. Poor installation can lead to buckling, warping, ripping, and other issues that can be costly to repair. In order to avoid incurring extra cost created by a poor installation job, we recommend that you look into who has a strong reputation for excellent work. Additionally, you should not attempt to do it yourself unless you are an experience siding installer, otherwise the potential damage will cost you more than if you had just hired a professional to start with. At America’s Window, we have highly skilled and trained professionals to help with your siding needs so contact us today for a free consultation to determine what your best options are!

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