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Advance Your Bathing Comfort with Accessible Bathing

If retaining your bathing independence has become a concern or you just want a truly rejuvenating bathing experience, then our accessible bathing options are perfect for your Louisville bathroom. At America’s Window, we believe in providing homeowners with a fully comfortable and relaxing bathing experience that is reminiscent of visiting a spa. If you’re wondering how we accomplish such a thing, then let us tell you. We offer a full line of accessibility products that are designed to cater to the desires and needs of Louisville homeowners. These options include luxurious walk-in tubs, perfectly accessible barrier-free showers, and a myriad of bathing accessories to help make your bathing experience more comfortable than ever.

Our walk-in baths give you a spa-like experience in your very own bathroom with hydrotherapy warm water jets designed to soothe any aching muscles you have. Additionally, the chair-height seat makes sitting and getting out of the tub very easy and makes for a perfect spot to relax while you soak in your gorgeous new tub. However, let’s pretend that you’re not a fan of taking baths and would much rather have a nice, soothing shower. Unfortunately, stepping over your high-sided tub/shower hybrid is a battle you simply don’t have the strength for anymore. A tub-to-shower conversion is a great way to circumvent that issue. Not only do you get a fully accessible shower, but your new shower can even feature wheelchair accessibility for those that need it. If you’re interested in how our bathing accessories can aid in your pursuit of comfortable bathing, then check out our bath accessories that include safety grab bars, shower foot pedestals, and more.

Regardless of which bathroom remodeling option you choose, you can rest assured that America’s Window will do an excellent job of making your bathroom accessible, rejuvenating, and gorgeous. One of the greatest aspects of our acrylic products is that they are each very low-maintenance. They all resist mold and mildew so you no longer have worry with anymore hard scrubbing. Plus, they are extremely durable and resist scratching, chipping, and fading. Take time out of your day to start your journey to the best bathing experience possible by contacting us for your free-consultation about a bathroom remodel.

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