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Double Hung Windows are Perfect for Every Home

Are you thinking about upgrading your old drafty windows? From Louisville to Lexington, countless homeowners have chosen America’s Window as their go to company for replacement windows. With all the styles we have to offer, it’s hard for some to decide which type of windows will look good on their home. We suggest Double Hung Windowsbecause of their functionality and energy efficiency.

What makes this window style such a good choice? First off, our double hung windows will add curb appeal to your home. Many homeowners choose this window style because of its affordability and that it also complements nearly every style of architecture. Our replacement windows also come in a wide variety of colors. This allows us to find the perfect match for your home. Second, double hung windows are low maintenance. The window consists of two sashes that slide vertically. Because of this design, the sash can be tilted in or removed. This lets you clean the window from inside your home. Say goodbye to climbing up ladders to clean the outside of your windows for good!

Here at America’s Window, we pride ourselves in our energy efficient windows. All of our windows are Energy Star Certified. We know that not all houses are built the same. This is why replacement windows are our speciality. Our window installers are experts in the field and are trained here at our factory. Your replacement windows will be created to your home’s precise specifications. We also custom fit your new windows to your home creating an air-tight fit that prevents drafts and gaps. We offer energy-saving and money-saving options to help you save on your purchase and on your energy bill. If that wasn’t enough, all of our windows come with an exclusive lifetime warranty so you know your purchasing replacement windows that are built to last with expert craftsmanship. Let America’s Window help you find the perfect replacement windows to meet your needs, style and budget.

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