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Bathroom Cleaning & Remodeling Tips You Need to Know About

When it comes to cleaning a bathroom, you want it to look like you scrubbed for hours but in reality you want it to take no more than 30 minutes. The first step is to gather up all of your cleaning supplies so you don't have to keep stopping to go get something else. To do a thorough job cleaning your bathroom you will need cleaning gloves, bathroom cleaning spray, bleach, scrub brush, bucket, toilet bowl cleaner, toilet brush, cleaning towels, and glass cleaner. Once you've gathered up all of your cleaning supplies, clear off your counters and unplug any appliances. Next, spray your tub and shower with a good mildew, mold and soap scum remover. Let it sit and go ahead and spray your toilet bowl with toilet cleaner. Make sure it’s a strong one that contains bleach. Now, spray your sink and counter with bathroom cleaner. Make sure your cleaner is safe for counter-tops. Next up is your bathtub. Fill it with a few inches of water and let it sit. Now, scrub your toilet and get it good and sparkling. When you are done with that go ahead and scrub your sink. Enough time will have passed so that the cleaner has been doing its job which makes your job a lot easier. It's now time for you to drain your tub and scrub. Rinse it well and dry it with a soft clean cloth. When that is done you can spray your mirrors with a good glass cleaner. Wipe them down with lint free cloth to get the best streak-free shine. Professional cleaners say of you really want your bathroom to sparkle you can spray a little glass cleaner on your sink, counter-tops, bathtub and wipe it clean. Finally, mop your bathroom floor with a good floor cleaner. Using one that kills germs is always recommended during cold and flu season. That's it! Now, sit back and enjoy your clean and sparkling bathroom.

Now if you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, following a few pieces of advice from the experts will save you a few dollars and give you a gorgeous bathroom that you love showing off. Experts say it’s always a good idea to visit design showrooms so you can really pick out what speaks to you and your particular style. You will see bathroom models and this is a great way to really see what a particular product looks like in a bathroom. Designers say if you are remodeling your Master bathroom don't be afraid to splurge. No material is too luxurious. Your Master bathroom is something that you use every day and you will enjoy all of your upgrades. Keep in mind that bathroom trends are always changing. Huge tubs in the Master bath are no longer popular and instead large showers with wall mounted shower-heads, rain bars and steam showers are big. Choosing a bigger, custom shower with a smaller bathtub can really help you get a more spacious layout that you love. It's also a great feature when remolding to make sure the toilet room has a door. Also, when it comes to a Master bathroom remodel, fancy Chandeliers add so much luxury and are becoming a new trend over a soaking tub. Built in warming drawers for towels are great and even fireplaces are getting put into Master Baths. Think of the fanciest hotel bathrooms and you will get a good understanding of what homeowners are trying to emulate in their Master bathrooms. Flat screen TV'S are also becoming the norm in Master bath's with a seating area. No matter what kind of help your bathroom needs, we here at America's Window are so much more than just high quality windows. We have helped thousands of customers throughout Louisville, Lexington and the surrounding areas get the bathrooms of their dreams. Whether you need to replace your tub, shower or want to upgrade with one of our popular tub to shower conversions, we have the perfect, high quality and affordable bathroom remodeling solution for you and your family.

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