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Walk-In Tubs Perfect for a Safe and Relaxing Bath

Do you have a bathtub that never gets used? There are many different reasons why people let their bathtubs collect dust. Some people don’t use their tub because their tub is outdated, stained or leaks. For others, it may be more convenient to take a shower. If you feel like you’re ready to throw your old tub to the curb, America’s Window has a great solution that will have you falling in love with taking a bath again! Our walk-in tubs are perfect for anyone who is looking for a modern tub with added safety and relaxation features.

What sets a walk-in apart from a traditional tub? The answer is a lot of things! One of the great features of this tub is a low-threshold door. The opening only sets a few inches off the ground making getting in and out of the tub easier than an ordinary tub. The chair height seat makes bathing more comfortable and helps with getting out of the tub. Safety bars are also included for additional stability. Some additional safety features include easy to reach controls, handheld shower wand and anti-slip floor. The hydrotherapy feature is perfect for relieving everyday aches and pains. The warm water jets are a great way to help a variety of health issues including diabetes and arthritis.

Did we mention our walk-in tubs are also low maintenance? America’s Window bath products are made from some of the highest quality materials in the industry. Your tub won’t chip, fade, crack or peel and will stay looking new for many years to come! They’re also a breeze to clean. Since our bathtubs are made from non-porous materials, they naturally resist mold and mildew.

Here at America’s Window, we are proud of our high-quality products and our professional installation team. With just one call, our expertly trained installers could have your new walk-in tub installed in your home. Finally, you can own a bathtub that meets you bathing needs. You and you loved ones deserve a tub that gives you safe and relaxing bathing experience. That’s why our walk-in tubs will have you loving taking baths again!

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