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Composite Siding Customizable in Style, Color, & Trim

Accessorize Your Home with Siding Complements

When you replace the siding of your Campbellsville home, it is important to also change the things like the trims for you windows, doors, and other spaces. This way the entirety of your home matches to form one cohesive look. At America's Window, we have beautiful trim options for your windows and doors that can perfectly match your home's new siding. We also have decorative trim options and corner piece systems to add even more customization that can make your home standout. Our Cedar Ridge siding products are designed to work together to transform your entire house into a work of art.

Siding Trim Options:

  • Window & Door Trim: Our window trims are available in 5" and 3.5" profiles. The Cedar Ridge Lineal Trim is used to complete the enhanced look of your home by encasing your windows with trim that is complementary to your new siding. The 3.5" is available as Window Crown Molding and Windowsill Lineal.

  • Corner Trim: Available as a 3-piece corner system or 5.5" corner post. Using corner trim can really pull together the brand new look of your Campbellsville home by accentuating the style chosen for your composite siding.

  • Decorative Trim: We provide three decorative trim options that are great finishing touches to any siding job from America's Window. Our available decorative trims are Finish Board, Crown Molding, and Batten Mold Trim.

Perfect Your Siding Installation with Finishing Touches

No siding is job is complete without considering the finishing touches. These include trim options for windows, doors, and corners. These finishing touches really pull together the entire siding installation as they do a beautiful job of complementing your new siding. That's why America's Window makes it a point to provide such gorgeous trim options. Once the siding and trim job is complete, your Campbellsville home will be the envy of the neighborhood. The exceptional exterior beauty will be unparalleled and you'll get to enjoy lower energy costs all year long. Increase your home's curb appeal now with new composite siding from America's Window, just contact us today for your free consultation.

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