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Why Protecting Your Gutters is Important

Prevent Gutter Clogs from Damaging Your Home

If your gutters are clogged, then they cannot effectively do their job of redirecting water away from your home. At America's Window, we know how laborious and dangerous cleaning your gutters can be. It's not a task that anyone enjoys and may even result in injury. That's why we provide an exceptional product that prevents you from ever having to clean gutters again. This outstanding system that can save you time and labor is the GutterMonster®. This is a gutter protection system that keeps leaves and other debris from entering your gutter canal but keeps water flowing into it. The reason for this product is simple; it keeps your home safe from damaging rainwater.

Damage from Clogged Gutters:

  • Fascia Board: When your gutters clog, water has nowhere to go so it bubbles up and over your gutters. This can include flowing over the back of your gutters and seeping into your fascia board. If this is allowed to occur for extended periods of time, your fascia will rot.

  • Home Foundation: Damage can occur to your foundation when water overflows from clogged gutters and pool at the base of your home. Over time this water can find its way into your home's foundation and slowly breakdown the material.

  • Siding: Damage to your siding can occur from overflowing water splashing back against the side of your home. This can lead to stained siding and even moisture infiltration if your siding is already physically damaged.

  • Landscape: If water is not properly redirected away from your home it can cause erosion in your yard and even cause cracks in your driveway or carport.

  • Basement: Overflowing water can leak into your basement from various points of entry. This can lead to damage to the walls, wet floors, mold & mildew, and cracked foundations.

  • Roof: If water gets dammed up in the gutter due to debris, it can back up underneath your shingles. This can cause leaks in your roof and void your roof's warranty.

Redirect Damage Away from Your Home

A gutter systems only job is to redirect water away from your home but it can only do that effectively if it runs clean. That's why GutterMonster® from America's Window should be affixed to your Campbellsville home's gutter system. The GutterMonster® keeps your gutters running clean and clog-free so they can redirect damage away from your home. Plus, they keep you off the ladder and safely in your own home. By investing in a gutter protection system, you're doing yourself and your home a favor by protecting both. Make sure that you never have to worry about digging through your gutters again by contacting America's Window for your free consultation!

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