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What eShield Attic Insulation Does Better

Keep the Energy Costs Down in Your Carrollton Home

Keeping energy costs down is a concern nearly every homeowner has. At America's Window, we understand the importance of this concern. That's why we carry energy efficient products that help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Our eShield radiant barrier is a great example as it's a unique reflective foil attic insulation that helps improve your Carrollton home's energy efficiency. Radiant barrier works best in conjunction with fiberglass and expanding foam insulations. Having all three types of insulation provides you with comprehensive protection from heat transference. If you're wondering why reflective foil is even necessary when you have other types of attic insulation, then let us inform you of how it improves thermal performance.

What Radiant Barrier Does in Your Home

The reason that radiant barrier insulation is needed in your Carrollton home is simple; it does what no other insulation type can. Reflective foil protects your home from radiant heat transfer whose primary source is the sun. As the sun's energy heat your roof, the heat is transferred conductively into your home's attic where it is radiantly dispersed throughout your home. Insulations like fiberglass and cellulose merely absorb heat and that's only with the conductive heat transfer. Radiant heat transfer (radiation) is still occurring and the only thing to stop that is radiant barrier. eShield® uses space-aged technology to reflect radiant energy and significantly reduce any radiation occurring in your home. This method has proven to be highly effective in reducing energy costs for Carrollton homes.

Insulation Experts at America's Window

At America's Window, our insulation experts make sure that your Carrollton home is fully optimized for energy efficiency. A free consultation will consist of an energy analysis in your attic space to see where you may be losing energy. It's in the applicable spaces that we will install your eShield® radiant barrier insulation to protect your home from radiation. Upon completion, your home will experience greater energy efficiency and you will have your energy savings. Don't be subjected to extremely high energy bills any longer, contact us for your free consultation regarding our radiant barrier insulation.

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