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Combining Insulation Efforts for Optimal Efficiency

Complete the Your Insulation System to Save Energy

The point of eShield® radiant barrier insulation isn't to act as your sole form of attic insulation but to play a critical role in deterring a particular type of heat transfer. The same goes for all attic insulation types, none of which are meant to protect against all forms of heat transfer. Each type of insulation protects against a specific type of heat transfer. This means that if your Corydon home is equipped with only one type of insulation, then there is still heat loss and gain occurring throughout your home all year long. That's why America's Window is here to help play a vital role in the optimization of your home's energy efficiency with our radiant barrier insulation. It could be the final missing piece in your attic insulation puzzle.

Link Together the Pieces for Ultimate Efficiency:

  • Conductive: Typically seen as fiberglass or cellulose, this can be blown-in or batts. Insulations of this type are used to absorb heat transfer through the process of conduction. Most homes are equipped with this type of insulation.

  • Convective: To protect against this type of heat transfer, caulking is one of the basic measures taken. Other types of insulations used are spray foam, flash and batt, and foam board. Each of these insulation types do a wonderful job of reducing or blocking heat transfer that occurs through moisture or the air.

  • Radiation: Radiant Barrier (reflective foil) is really the only option when it comes to protecting from radiant heat transfer. Rather than absorbing heat from the roof during conductive heat transfer, it reflects the heat energy when it tries to radiate throughout the space.

With each type of attic insulation reducing or preventing a particular type of heat transfer, there really is no one insulation that can do it all. That's why the best way to fully optimize your Corydon home's energy efficiency is to have each insulation type work together. Though this may not seem very cost effective, it will save you money in the long run. You can even recoup the cost with the amount of money you'll be saving each month. For more helpful tips on how to maximize the energy efficiency of your home, contact America's Window today for a free consultation.

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