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The Advancements of Our Energy Efficient Windows

Discover Why Our Windows are Best for Your Corydon Home

There are many aspects that can determine a window's viability for your Corydon home. One of the most important is its energy efficiency, which is why it's important to know where that comes from. The windows we carry at America's Window are some of the most energy efficient you'll find. In fact, our Okna® Windows are Energy Star® certified, which means that they have met and exceeded energy saving standards set by the powers that be. The windows we carry use advanced energy saving techniques to keep your energy bills down. That's something you'll hear from nearly every window manufacturer, but we're actually going to tell you why we can confidently say that.

Advancing Energy Efficiency in Windows

  • ClimaGuard™ Glass Coating: Our windows use advanced coating technology that is composed of 11 different optically tuned layers. These layers help keep your home more comfortable by reducing radiant heat transfer. Despite blocking solar heat and UV, there is a minimal loss of natural lighting. The blocking of UV rays from the sun also protects your interior from UV fading.

  • HeatSeal® Spacer: Our high performance windows come with the HeatSeal® Spacer that is designed to reduce frost and condensation. The warm edge technology helps balance the interior and exterior temperatures, which significantly reduces the chances of condensation on any interior surfaces near or on the window.

  • Foam-filled Insulation Extrusions (Insul-Tec & Precision Weld): Filling the frame with insulating foam greatly increases the energy efficiency of our already thermally practical windows.

  • Magnetic Seals (Enviro-Star): We use magnetic seals to drastically reduce the chance of air leakage and drafts, which improves the thermal efficiency as well.

In addition to the ClimaGuard&tm; and HeatSeal® features that all of our windows possess, we also offer multiple window series with their own distinct energy and structural benefits. For instance, the Insul-Tec Deluxe windows series possess the insulated extrusions to help improve thermal performance. Our Enviro-Star windows are equipped with a Bulb Gasket to add even more thermal performance by lowering drafts, plus, it helps reduce the infiltration of outside noise. Additionally, all of our window options are available with a variety of customizable options. These options include frame color, hardware, grid patterns, and grid profiles. No matter what type of window you're looking for, America's Window has your answer. Our Okna® manufactured windows are some of the highest quality windows available and we are the Corydon source for such quality. Get the best for your home today by contacting us for your free consultation.

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