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Replacement Windows Buying Tips & Advice

When do you need to replace your old windows?

There are many signs that your windows may need to be replaced. If your windows have some of the following you should start thinking about getting new windows.

  • If you can feel wind through your windows even when they are closed.
  • If you can feel the cold or heat through your windows.
  • If you energy bills are extremely high in the summer and winter.
  • If you have trouble opening and closing your windows.
  • If you notice fog or condensation between the window panes.
  • If your window sills are cracked, rotted, or warped.
  • If you want to increase the resale value of your home.

To learn more about when to replace your windows, watch this video.

Replacement Windows: What To Look For

How to Prepare to buy New Windows

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TIP 1: Do your research! Understanding the terms and the differences in window types is crucial to making a smart, informed decision. Get the most for your money with high performance replacement windows that you won't have to worry about replacing in a few years.

TIP 2: Know your materials. Vinyl windows have come far in terms of energy efficiency and durability over the years. They are your best bet for low maintenance windows that reduce your energy bills.

TIP 3: One size does not fit all. Custom fitted windows are a must. Without them you can have gaps around your windows that will cut down on your energy savings. Plus, custom windows look better and are less likely to be damaged due to water or other forces getting in the spaces between the house and the window.

TIP 4: Think about what color or style of window you want. There are a wide variety of window options available and replacing your windows is a perfect time to add extra curb appeal to your home.

TIP 5: Look for the ENERGY STAR logo. If a window company has windows that meet Energy Star standards you can feel confident they are energy efficient. Energy costs are only going to get higher, so start saving today with new windows.

TIP 6: The window installer is key. A great window that is installed incorrectly is only going to waste your money. Choose installers that have years of experience and stand behind their work. See what their customers have to say about them and check for warranties on labor and materials.

Replacement Window Styles

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